TK And Bow Wow All Good

by The Editors on June 15, 2009

Phew! Looks like that fight a.k.a. “beef” between Terry Kennedy and Bow Wow regarding Rev. Run’s daughter Angela Simmons is over, according to an interview on Broccoli City TV reported on Ballerstatus. And we are so thankful for that. Here’s what TK had to say about Bow Wow:

“I never known the n****. He was trying to go around and get information from other n****s to see what type of n**** I was,” T.K. explained. “I guess everytime he’d bump into somebody and ask them about me, they’d give him the history on me. After that, he ended up trying to call me saying ‘I ain’t got nothing against you, it’s all love.’ I hate to tackle the situation, but he’s a coward.”

It’s good to keep all these rap wars straight.

[Link: Ballerstatus]

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