Re-ranking The Power Ranker

by The Editors on June 1, 2009

Stab Lewis

Australia’s Stab magazine interviewed two of what they called’s Lewis Samuels‘ “favorite targets” about how it feels to be berated in the Power Rankings. Here’s a little of what Phil Macdonald and Drew Courtney had to say:
Phil Macdonald:

Why would I care what some twerp, who just wants to be controversial, has to say? I’d love for him to say some of the shit he writes to my face. I wouldn’t hit him. I might word him up, but then again I don’t really care. Why would I invest energy into hating some dork, two-faced prick who writes shit for the sake of being controversial?

Drew Courtney:

It doesn’t bother me one little bit. But I heard a few of the Hawaiian guys are hunting around for him. I would love for him to show his face at one of the contests, instead of just watch ‘em on the web cast. I’d love to meet him face to face. It wouldn’t go real good.

Turns out Lewis did meet Drew face to face: or did he not? Click here to see how it went.

[Link: Stab Magazine and Post Surf]

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