King Shit Hits The Print

by The Editors on May 5, 2009


We rarely get excited about skateboard magazines anymore. Not sure if it’s because they come out too often or what.

But when former SBC Skateboard’s Ryan Stutt, Harry Gils, and Scotty McDonald team up with Big Brother’s Dave Carnie and Chris Nieratko to create a magazine guest art directed by Todd Bratrud, well that’s something that gets our old ink-huffing neurons firing again. Even if King Shit is only doing two issues a summer.
Bear Witness to the Birth of the King of all Skateboard Magazines!

Toronto, ON (May 4, 2009) – Recession be damned, it’s a great time to put out a new skateboard magazine!

In a stunning move – harkening back to the days when skateboarders didn’t know squat about economics – King Shit, one of the best websites in skateboarding, has ventured into the realm of the printed word with its new FREE biannual skateboard magazine.

Lovingly crafted by a combination of former SBC Skateboard (Ryan Stutt, Harry Gils & Scotty McDonald) and Big Brother (Dave Carnie & Chris Nieratko) editors, the King of All Skateboard Magazines promises to put the “skat” back in skateboarding twice a summer.

Our cover features Jesse Landen doing a ballsy smith grind and a brand new King Shit logo treatment by one of the best skate artists in the business, Todd Bratrud, who served as Guest Art Director of the first issue (he also provided us with a ton of art on the inside of the mag as well).

As for actual content, we interviewed newly pro BC sensation, Jordan Hoffart, on how he came back from the brink of being a douchebag. We caught up with the Czech Dynamo, Hugo Balek who shared his hatred of the Montreal Canadians and love of poop with us. And lastly, Chris Nieratko terrorized Spencer Hamilton, Dan Arget and Mitch Barrette with his AMbushes.

Other than that, it’s full of a bunch of a random funny shit that you’re sure to enjoy – because it’s available for FREE at a skate shop near you on Monday, May 11th, 2009! For a preview of the new mag visit


King Shit magazine is only available at shops in Canada. If you live in the US and would like to subscribe to us, e-mail or visit our online store. The next issue of King Shit will hit skateboard shops and places of ill repute in late August 2009. In the meantime, visit for your daily dose of skateboarding, art and good shit in general.

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