Australian Teen Gets Sharked Up

by The Editors on March 26, 2009

470937.JpgCalvin Galbraith, 17, of Halls Head Australia got a lucky break while surfing last Friday, according to a story in the Mandurah Mail.

At 6.45pm, Calvin, along with three friends and his brother Scott, were 30m offshore just north of Blue Bay trying to catch one last wave into shore. . . The TAFE student felt something grab hold of his leg. . . .Gradually the grip got tighter and pulled Calvin down off his board. . . .“It felt like my leg was being clamped in a vice,” the teenager said. . .“I looked down and my whole foot was in its mouth then I saw a tail thrashing in front of me; that was when I realised it was a shark.”

Calvin got away with six stitches and a puncture marks all over his lower legs. But what comforted us was that this was another shark attack stories that didn’t mention pain. It is somehow easier to deal with when the bites are described as a “pressure” or “tugging” sensation and not, as we would expect, as the excruciatingly painful nightmare. Don’t know why, but it does.

[Link: Mandurah Mail]

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