Slater Rings The Bells A Third Time

by The Editors on March 27, 2008


After having a major whinge in the weeks leading up to the event, Kelly Slater finally manned up and crushed the competition at the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach. In as story titled “Kells Bells” Australia’s The Age put it this way.

With three minutes left in the 35-minute final, Slater blasted off the top of a wave, leaving the crowd, commentators and surely the judges, gasping at his spectacular aerial skills. . . “I was really surprised Bede let me paddle up there (to Rincon) by myself,” he said. “I caught a little one (wave) and it wasn’t very good, then looked out the back and there was a really good one, so I went and sat out there.” . . . The “really good one” produced a score of 8.30 for Slater, which combined with his next-best wave gave him a total winning score of 15.63.

We’re just glad to see Kelly hungry and back on the hunt. He makes the ASP tour worth watching, no doubt.

[Link: The Age]

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