Ramp Up Your Shredding Game with Tech Deck’s Fingerboards!

by Sponsored Post on December 16, 2022

Tech Deck has been bringing us authentic mini skateboards featuring real graphics from the world’s biggest skate brands for 25 years. So when you’re not dropping in on a halfpipe you can carve, flip and grind your way to fingerboarding greatness. Or shred the gift-giving game with these must-have replicas.

From nose to tail, Tech Deck’s fingerboards are designed to replicate the feel of a real skateboard–down to the smallest detail. Collect them all, including decks from Blind, Baker, Primitive, Finesse, Element, Santa Cruz, Plan B, and Toy Machine, plus replicas of boards used by top pros like Mariah Duran, Nyjah Huston, Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song. Follow the jump for all the details!

Then, take your fingerboarding action to the next level with new, innovative skatepark sets.

Get ready for non-stop shredding with the Shredline 360, Tech Deck’s first-ever motorized skatepark! This 20-inch obstacle course spins 360 degrees at three different speeds so you can cruise, train your skills, or pick up the spinning action for an added challenge. It also includes an exclusive fingerboard from Torey Pudwill and Daewon Song’s Thank You Skateboards, and combines with other X-Connect Sets so the shredding possibilities are endless.

Build your own fingerboard course with the D.I.Y Concrete reusable modeling skatepark, complete with everything you need to create ramps and rails so you can stunt like a pro. Wet it, set it and shred it! Place the reusable concrete compound inside the included molds, add water, and let it harden into concrete for 6-8 hours. This set also includes an exclusive Enjoi fingerboard.

Pick up Tech Deck single fingerboards in stores or grab multi-packs like the Sk8Shop Bonus Pack.

Get your hands on Tech Deck’s fingerboards and skateparks at all major retailers. For more information, check out TechDeck.com and follow on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook at @TechDeck.

“Ride,” learn and master the latest skateboarding tricks with Tech Deck fingerboards.

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