Saudi Arabia Slides Into Winter Sports

by The Editors on October 6, 2022

Yeah, so how does a desert nation host an “Asian Winter Games“? They do it with an overwhelming blast of design, technology, and most importantly money ($500 Billion). The games are scheduled for 2029 and the venue will reportedly be completed in 2026, according to a post on

The resort, which will “offer year-round outdoor skiing” is being built around 50 kilometres from the Gulf of Aqaba coast in a mountainous area that has elevations ranging from 1,500 metres to 2,600 metres. . .It will be the first location in the country where outdoor skiing will be possible. Named Trojena, the development is being designed by a team of architects from all over the world including UK studio Zaha Hadid Architects, Dutch practice UNStudio, international studio Aedas, German practice LAVA and Australian studio Bureau Proberts.

Too many cooks in the snow kitchen? Maybe. The resort will reportedly include 3,600 hotel rooms and 2,200 homes. How many times have we heard the promise of year-a-round snowboarding? Does Xanadu ring any bells? How about the Gotcha Glacier? No? Well, maybe this time it will be different. Fingers crossed. Not holding breath. Oh, and the IOC is apparently not too happy that they weren’t consulted about any of this. But aren’t they always.

And no, we have not forgotten about Jamal Khashoggi and neither should anyone else.


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