Mark Carter On The Bomb Hole

by The Editors on December 17, 2021

Mark Carter gives us a bit of a mention this week during his episode of The Bomb Hole podcast. Turns out we all might do things differently had we the chance to do it over. We’re glad he made it through those rough times. Here’s the skinny from Grenier and E-Stone:

Rancher/cattle driving in the summer pro snowboarder in the winter! This week we talk farming, cattle, hunting, being a different kind of pro snowboarder, grounding yourself, hanging with Timberlake and Sir Elton John, Facing jail time, snake milking, river dicking and so much more. Mark Carter is one of the most unique pro’s you will meet join us and hear first hand how this Cow Boy from Wyoming became a pro holding sponsors into his 40’s and beyond.

Mark is another reminder of how many good people there are in snowboarding.  But then, you already knew that. Listen up!

[Link: The Bomb Hole]

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