Nidecker Brings Back The Morrow Spoon

by The Editors on December 2, 2020

Nidecker has just announced a new, amazing snowboard technology that is “ideal for both freestyle and general progression” and they’re calling it “the SideKick.”

SideKick mellows out a board’s riding characteristics, making landings smoother and turn transitions smoother. . . SideKick Tech is simply a gentle lifting of a boards edges at its widest points, aka the contact points. Doing this makes a board less prone to ‘catching’ when riding flat base or landing in the park, but when deliberately put on edge it still bites and retains the same hold you’d expect from a regular board.

In 1994 Morrow created this tech and called it a Spoon. Ten years later Bataleon called it “Triple Base Technology.” In both cases it was a sellable tech. It worked well enough, but then snowboard design moved on. It’s nice to see Nidecker bring something back from 26 years ago to let it roll again. For more info click the link.

[Link: Nidecker]

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