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by The Editors on April 13, 2020

We’ve collected a monster page full of all the news that is news. We’d like to apologize in advance for all the COVID-19 stories. Personally, we been skipping the news lately as an act of self preservation, but please feel free to dive in. Hope you’re all safe and well. Really.

Coronavirus leads to an early blackball season at the Wedge
Surfers can now compete in online competition
Surfers in Sydney’s east are not criminals but they’re being treated that way
California’s surfers defy coronavirus bans to catch waves
Pandemic beach closures cramps surfers’ way of life
Why Surfers and Climbers Break Social Distancing Rules
Coronavirus: Stranded surfers riding out Covid-19 restrictions at alpine village
Stephanie Gilmore: The surfer with the winning smile on equal pay, motherhood, and Cathy Freeman
Coronavirus: Surfers continue to ride the waves despite new lockdown rules
Watch: San Diego surfer stages brave rebellion against draconian anti-surf laws; holds sign declaring “Give me waves or give me COVID!”
When surfing gets banned, surfers get salty: What’s the real solution in Santa Cruz?
Surf legend’s Malibu beach pad for sale at $12.995 million
When surfing gets banned, surfers get salty: What’s the real solution in Santa Cruz?
Tokyo 2020: What Sally Fitzgibbons is doing instead of competing at Rip Curl Pro 2020 Bells Beach
Coronavirus: Santa Cruz County temporarily closes parks and beaches, bans surfing
Rio Surfers Hauled Out Of Water By Police Due To Coronavirus Concerns
Riding out the pandemic, Rio surfers catch a wave of controversy
Anger as surfers take to sea at Fistral Beach in Newquay during lockdown
Coronavirus: Surfers Forced To Shore By Boats In Malibu After Attempting Sunset Ride
San Diego surfer protests countywide beach closures with ‘Commies Can’t Surf’ sign
Surfing at the Wedge, and watching, face new restrictions due to coronavirus
Surfers Flock to Newport Beach, The Wedge Surf Spot Getting Shut Down
Surfers find ways to get to the waves in a world of shut-downs and social distancing
Surfer Taj Burrow and model wife Rebecca welcome second child Robbie Lou
Japanese caught surfing while quarantine in effect in Surigao
Outsiders not permitted to ride Geelong and Surf Coast region waves during pandemic
Boat capsizes at Lower Trestles as surfers try to score epic, empty waves
Nat Fyfe to be investigated by WA Police for surf amid COVID-19 lockdown
From Surf City to the South Carolina border, most public beach access now closed [Free read]
How far should surfers and joggers stay apart to avoid coronavirus? Scientists say think about it like cigarettes.
Covid-19 Surfer facing death threats over photo A surfer photographed raising his middle finger says
Fed-up locals put up signs to keep tourists out and surfers away from the beaches due to COVID-19
Commentary: A plan for surfers to get back in the waves during coronavirus beach closures
Bay Area surfing scene explored in new TV documentary
Meet the surfer who started a remote Indonesian resort
Surfers and swimmers flock to Sydney’s Manly Beach for sunrise – just one day after it was closed
Pro surfer’s plea to keep beaches open
Surfers ordered to leave Long Beach
Surfers fined $170 each for session at South Arm Beach
From ocean-minded to COVID-19-minded community
Coronavirus: Defiant surfers ride waves at beach near Pacific Palisades despite closure
Your Column Here – Why Surfers Should Be Allowed To Surf
How US Surf Shops Are Trying to Adapt During COVID-19 Pandemic
Nick Carroll: How to Cope With Suddenly Not Being Able to Surf
Once-in-a-lifetime: Graphic Design Icon David Carson flouts 24-hour lockdown law on Tortola to solo-surf note-perfect Cane Garden Bay; loses board to cops!
Surfing family, known for battling the waves, now fight coronavirus pandemic
The Original Topanga Beach Generation Helped Shape the Evolution of Southern California Surf Culture
Surfing (Or Not) In The Time Of Coronavirus
Surfers land in hot water after breaking lockdown regulations
UC San Diego virus expert pleads with surfers to stay out of the ocean to avoid coronavirus
Commentary: Surfers need to obey new coronavirus beach restrictions, too
Is surfing OK during coronavirus order to keep your distance from others? How surfers are adapting
Pro Surfer Gabriel Medina On Being The Brand Partner Of Polo Deep Blue Parfum And Competing In The Olympics
Surfers fend off coronavirus anxiety by getting barreled in Virginia Beach with help from an offshore wind – T
H.B. surfer Kanoa Igarashi’s goal of winning gold at 2020 Tokyo Olympics is wiped out by coronavirus
Spring Awakening: Former pro surfer Colin Smith brings peace to the public
Commentary: With beaches closed, San Diego surfers have lost ‘a profound, immersive, and invigorating peace’
Mystery surfboards share the stoke around Dana Point, Laguna Beach
Surfing association chief says Games next year will be most relevant ever, after ‘rogue wave’
Not rad: Italian police catch man surfing during coronavirus lockdown
Police use surf cameras to check for lockdown rule breakers
Jaden Smith Goes Surfing With Mystery Girl Despite Social Distancing Guidelines
Stuck in Bali During the Coronavirus Lockdown

Vegan Pro Skater Micky Papa on Skateboarding, the Olympics, and His Nona’s Cooking
Tony Hawk reveals why he first three marriages failed
Revisiting classics: Shredding on ‘Skate’ and ‘Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland’
USA Olympic skateboarding teams keeps rolling despite COVID-19 pandemic
To the Skateboarding Community | By Nyjah Huston
Skateboarder Travels Through Near-Deserted Times Square, New York
Skateline: 04.07.2020
Skateboarding Drama HARDFLIP Is Coming to Short-Form Streaming Platform Quibi
‘Chose to use it anyways:’ Mississauga skateboarders issued first tickets for violating COVID-19 emergency park closure
Skateboarders out at SE Portland skate park despite COVID-19 closures
Walker at War Memorial Park confronts ‘idiots’ at closed skateboard park
Skateboarders issued infractions for ignoring social distancing orders at South Windsor skate park
Teens get caught skateboarding on roof, say they were ‘bored’
All the reasons Josh Kalis’s skateboarding is timeless.
Tony Hawk Pays Tribute to Jeff Grosso After Skateboarding Legend Dies at 51
Jackass Taught Me More About Friendship Than School Ever Did
World Skate to draft new qualification schedule after Tokyo 2020 postponement
Skateboarding dog in Chicago brings cheer amid COVID-19 pandemic
Also.Also.Also.: Skateboarding Is Queer Culture
World Champion Skateboarder Heimana Reynolds Stability Workout
Saweetie Shows Off Her Love For Hello Kitty + Skateboarding In New Clip: “Kick Push Heaux”
Skateboarders warned after police close off Cornwall skate park
Ed Templeton and William Strobeck On Skateboarding and Sweaters
Josh Kalis looks back on skating Philly’s Love Park and working with DC Shoes.
2020 World Championship Update

Why an Idaho Ski Destination Has One of the Highest COVID-19 Infection Rates in the Nation
Coronavirus may have reached Colorado as early as January, weeks before the state had the ability to test
Coronavirus: Lake Tahoe officials take unprecedented step, tell Bay Area visitors to keep out
Local mountain resorts telling people to stay away due to COVID-19 outbreak
Rescuers rush to backcountry emergencies despite pandemic | coronavirus
Coronavirus Update: Spring Storms Dump Several Feet Of Snow On Coronavirus-Shuttered Sierra Ski Resorts
Mono County Has Most Per Capita COVID-19 Cases In Calif., But With Limited Testing
Snowtopia is a tycoon game that feels like a cool breeze
Snowboarder Seb Toutant takes quarantine boredom to new heights with #sebtootschallenge
Nina Dobrev and Shaun White Heat Up Dating Rumor With An Overnight Stay
Coronavirus Red Lodge Mountain halts all recreation Saturday after people don’t stay at home Mitch
The truth about Nina Dobrev and Shaun White
How Skiing Through a Pandemic Can Create a Community Crisis
“My Disability Didn’t Define Me”: How Zach Miller Found His Calling In Para Snowboarding
Living In A Ski Town Under Lock Down
27-year-old Coloradan speaks of fight with COVID-19 in ski country
Snowboarder triggers avalanche, suffers serious injuries
Moscow snowboarder will have to put Olympic hopes on hold
UMF skiers and snowboarders compete at nationals as COVID-19 outbreak was unfolding

Brighton Zeuner Curates Her First-Ever Vans Footwear and Apparel Pack •
Neck Face and WACKO MARIA Cover Hawaiian Shirts With Frightening Illustrations
The Supreme and Nike Beef That Led to Their First Dunk Collab
Slam City Skates Interviews Skateboarding OG & Supreme London Manager Dan “Jagger” Ball
Supreme Team: The Story Behind the Brand’s Original Design Crew
New Nike SB Dunk Lows Pay Homage to the ‘Grateful Dead Bears’
Primitive Skateboarding x Moebius, Marvel Comics


Burton Snowboards secures half a million N95 masks for COVID-19 fight
Vail Resorts to lay off 2000 workers throughout Colorado
Report: Colorado Ski Attendant Inattentive During Lift Death
Burton to donate 500,000 respirator masks across Northeast | Sports
Northstar ski resort plaintiff prevails in parking fee dispute
14-year-old OC entrepreneur sells rights to locker-safe skateboard company
Zumiez undertakes cost saving measures
Boardriders Outlines COVID-19 Actions
As Vail Resorts Furloughs Workers Many In Summit County Now Seeking Help From Food Pantries
Park City Mountain Resort furloughs 391 employees after coronavirus ends the ski season early
Alterra Mountain Co. eliminates hours for on-mountain year-round employees
Vail Cancels All Lift Construction
In Tahoe, avalanches pit residents against ski resorts
Call it a Comeback: Kemper Snowboards Resurrected in Park City
Letter to the editor: Copper offering no refunds on season passes, four-packs
Coronavirus delivers ‘body blow’ to Colorado’s ski industry
Tigerlily collapses into administration as virus claims first retail victim
Coronavirus delivers ‘body blow’ to Colorado’s ski industry
New Owner to Resurrect Active Ride Shop
Burton Snowboards launches #StayHome movement
Kathmandu and Rip Curl stores to close today, laying off 1,300 employees
Action Sports Athletes On How Olympics Postponement Shakes Up Their Lives
Amid Closures, Select Ski Resorts Continue to Allow Uphill Skiing

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