Tony Hawk Launches Branding Agency

by The Editors on November 14, 2018

Tony Hawk announced today (November 14, 2018) that he is dropping in on the “agency” business model with D/CAL a “hybrid brand consultancy and creative agency based in Detroit and California, get it? Hawk is co-founding the business with partners Adam Wilson (Carhartt, McGarryBowen), Jared Prindle (Tony Hawk Inc., 900 Films), and Ryan Maconochie (Arc, Leo Burnett, Trisect). Katherine Huber is director of client services.

“I’ve worked with many brands and their agencies over the years and even as a relative outsider looking in, I understand the challenges between clients and agencies. Our approach is unique, with an emphasis on authenticity,” added Hawk.

D/CAL says current clients include: Michigan-based DROUGHT,  and HoMedics, San Diego-based Tony Hawk Foundation, and Chicago-based CityBase. For the official word from D/CAL please follow the jump.



D/CAL, Based in Detroit, Michigan and San Diego, California, Consults and Creates for Brands Seeking Enduring Cultural Relevance

D/CAL is the Melding of Agency Outsiders with Just Enough Insiders to Help Brands Thrive at the Intersection of Culture and Commerce

DETROIT, MI – Tony Hawk announces today the launch of D/CAL a hybrid brand consultancy and creative agency, with Co-Founders Adam Wilson (Carhartt, McGarryBowen), Jared Prindle (Tony Hawk Inc., 900 Films), and Ryan Maconochie (Arc, Leo Burnett, Trisect). With a diverse team of agency execs, brand marketers, cultural entrepreneurs, and a growing network of creators, D/CAL is uniquely qualified to help solve an equally diverse spectrum of business problems. “As the next generation continues to favor meaningful brands, the ones that can reconcile cultural relevance with commercial success will endure,” said Wilson. “We’re here to help make that happen.” The company, with offices in Detroit and San Diego, offers a full suite of brand consultancy and agency services, but branches outside of industry norms by involving strategic and creative minds from outside the agency world, starting with D/CAL’s Co-Founder, Tony Hawk. “I’ve worked with many brands and their agencies over the years and even as a relative outsider looking in, I understand the challenges between clients and agencies. Our approach is unique, with an emphasis on authenticity,” added Hawk.

To help brands of all shapes and sizes not just navigate, but thrive at the intersection of culture and commerce, the firm sets itself apart with four integrated components:

Brand Consultancy

To put more emphasis on helping clients triangulate the problem, the firm has developed an expedited “consultancy mode,” delivering a range of actionable, insight-driven strategies which include: purpose-driven brand planning, product/service innovation, “brand as publisher” consultation, and even optimization of their client’s in-house capabilities. “Let’s help clients figure out how to unlock belief in their brand. Then figure out what shape our agency services need to take to help activate it,” explained Wilson. “It’s a subtle, yet big differentiator.”

Cultural Advisory Board (CAB)

To keep the firm and clients closer to the ebbs and flows of subcultures, D/CAL has created “The CAB,” a diverse, independent group of individuals from key categories that collectively influence culture at-large. CAB Directors Rick Williams (Burn Rubber) and Cathy Goodman (Skateistan, Tony Hawk Foundation) oversee the eclectic group that so far includes Atiba Jefferson (HipHop, Skate, Pro Sports Photographer), Paul Blair (DJ White Shadow, Producer for Lady Gaga), Joe Gall (Adventure Photographer), Jessica Murnane (One Part Plant), and Jon Gray (Ghetto Gastro). “They’re an extension of our consultancy. A trove of street-level, here and now insights,” said Wilson. The CAB allows the company to “plug-in” to cultural verticals ranging from music, design, food, gaming, and of course, action sports. “It’s safe to say we have a solid panel of Action Sports experts,” added Hawk. The firm’s core team also works with the CAB to leverage their own networks to help D/CAL build its ever growing Creator Network.

Creator Network

In agency “mode,” D/CAL turbocharges creative development with a re-imagined briefing process designed specifically for collaboration with next-generation creators who, by and large, have never seen a marketing brief. “We mine for conceptual raw material that can be polished into authentic work,” says Maconochie. This unfiltered thinking from raw creative talent allows a smaller team of more seasoned agency creatives to explore more creative territory in a shorter period of time. “Influencers aren’t just for buying audiences – with some rigor, they can have meaningful influence on upstream thinking,” said Wilson.

Specialized Partners

To remain hyper-adaptive to client’s executional needs, D/CAL partners with an impressive (and growing) roster of Specialized Partners. From an in-house partnership with Hawk’s production company 900 Films (, to a preferred partnership with the world-class app development shop, Detroit Labs (, the D/CAL team believes they deliver on what many clients are yearning for—focus and flexibility. “We can build a full-service offering, or complement a brand’s in-house agency without putting the burden of scale squarely on our clients,” added Katherine Huber, Director of Client Services. “Clients and agencies don’t want to feel boxed in anymore.”

Current clients include: Michigan-based DROUGHT ( and HoMedics (, San Diego-based Tony Hawk Foundation (, and Chicago-based CityBase (

Additional information about D/CAL can be found at Follow @dcalagency on Instagram and Twitter.


Tony Hawk, Co-Founder

After more than 30 years of building a global brand, ranging from apparel, toys, events, endorsements, film production and one of the most successful video game franchises ever, Hawk’s insight is like none other – a master in the game of relevance. Hawk remains one of the most popular athletes in the world and still rides his skateboard almost everyday.

Adam Wilson, Co-Founder

With 21 years at creative and digital shops (JWT, McGarryBowen, Organic, McCann), leading brands like Jeep, Disney and Kraft, his time at Carhartt as Director of Brand Marketing for North America prepared him the most for building the kind of agency today’s clients are yearning for. Wilson loves tackling big strategic challenges as much as leading teams to beautiful executions.

Jared Prindle, Co-Founder

Since becoming Tony Hawk Inc.’s first employee, Prindle has been an integral part of building everything from a successful line of Hawk apparel to growing Hawk’s production unit, 900 Films. Prindle’s work in establishing a partnership with YouTube resulted in the Ride Channel, one of the largest skateboarding content platforms on YouTube.

Ryan Maconochie, Co-Founder

Maconochie comes to D/CAL with 20 years of experience at agencies such as Arc, Leo Burnett and Trisect. He has led creative on iconic brands such as Miller High Life and McDonald’s. Maconochie has always been a true creative even after the clock was punched, working on his own creative endeavors which include editing a magazine (Book Band), designing foodie maps (Small Snack), publishing a children’s book (This Is Your Book from Stewart, Tabori and Chang), and rebranding destinations from his many travels (

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