Brock Crouch Survives Avalanche

by The Editors on April 27, 2018

It’s been all over social media, but we’re glad to see Brock Crouch smiling from the pages of the Vancouver Sun. Especially after what he went through when a cornice broke out from under him on April 22, 2018 while he was filming with Absinthe Films in the backcountry near Whister.

“I was standing at the top of a ridge with Cam (Fitzpatrick, a fellow snowboarder) when the cornice broke under me and pulled me backwards into a slide,” he wrote. “It took me through about 1,000 feet and over several rock bands before I ended up at the bottom, buried with no oxygen for almost five minutes. . . I tore my pancreas, knocked out five teeth, got a ‘periorbital hematoma’ (basically closed up my right eye) and fractured my L2, L3 and my T12 vertebrae,” Crouch said. . . Initially, I didn’t know what to expect because we didn’t know how serious my spine and pancreas injuries were. Last night, we got some final results from the doctors and somehow by the grace of God I don’t need any surgery and I get to leave here in the next few days since there was no spine or nerve damage.”

Thanks to the quick work of their heli pilot and John Jackson leading the diggers the crew able to dig Crouch out and get him to the hospital in time. And we’re all thankful for that. Heal up fast, Brock.

[Link: Vancouver Sun & New York Times]

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