Slater Withdraws From Surf Production

by The Editors on March 12, 2018

The world’s best surfer Kelly Slater says that he won’t be performing in the opening surfing content production shoot of the season in Australia this week due to “ongoing rehabilitation” of a foot injury.

“I think the best thing for me to do is withdraw from the event,” Slater said. “My gut feeling has been to use this injury as a platform to overhaul and reset my mind and body. The looming excitement about a new year starting, my foot sort of magically allowing me to surf the past couple of days and a number of other factors had me talking myself back into jumping in as soon as possible against my better judgment. I feel I’ve had a couple of half-hearted attempts these past couple of years fighting injury and desire. The foot injury symbolizes a lot at this point in my career both as an ending and as a beginning.” 

We would say that we were going to miss him, but we probably weren’t going to watch the production anyway. We do however wish him the best and hope he gets back on form as soon as possible because regardless of everything else going on in the world we do so love watching him surf.

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