RIP: Santa Cruz’s Vince Collier

by The Editors on March 10, 2018

Santa Cruz, California’s surf Godfather Vince Collier has died of a heart attack while on a surf trip to Mexico last week, according to story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. He was 57. 

Collier was built like a pit bull, and the only thing that matched his raw power and talent in the water was his equally untamed temper and protective nature. During his heyday between the late 1970s and early 1990s, many considered him a menace in the water, a man who would take whatever waves he wanted, who would threaten, and often follow through with, bodily harm to anyone who challenged him. He cultivated a villainous reputation and his tactics, from slashing tires to throwing punches, and his protectionist attitude won him few friends.

Collier reported had a heart attack in San Miguel del Puerto while walking back from a surf session with his partner Denisse Gallagher. He is survived by sisters Reeney Gallagher and Katie Harper, brother Mike Collier and daughters Molly and Leil. Our thoughts are with Collier’s family and friends.

[Link: Santa Cruz Sentinel]

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