Ian Cairns is a Clever Buoy

by The Editors on February 27, 2018

Hall of Fame surfer Ian Cairns is working as a brand ambassador for Clever Buoy, an ocean monitoring platform that detects large marin life (a.k.a. sharks) using sonar and acts as an early warning system for surf safety. Might not be a bad idea to have a couple of the water near our favorite beaches. For more info and how you can help make this happen, please follow the jump.

Clever Buoy Shark Detection and Alert System Launches in the U.S

Corona Del Mar State Beach to be the launching site of Clever Buoy in the California

Laguna Beach, Calif. (Feb 27, 2018) – Smart Marine Systems, Ltd, an award winning marine technology company with offices in Australia as well as California announced today ongoing development and distribution plans for Clever Buoy—an ocean monitoring platform that specializes in detecting large marine life using state of the art sonar and identification software systems to relay critical information to authorities responsible for beach safety. The company is asking the community to chip in to raise money for the system at their beach on Indiegogo  where contributors are given perks like t-shirts, shark mitigation decals, boat tours with marine scientists, and surf sessions.

Legendary Hall of Fame surfer, Ian Cairns, serves as brand ambassador and liaison with various surfing and beach organizations including the World Surfing League.

“I’m passionate about safety in the California surf, relating to sharks. I saw this same pattern happen in my home breaks of Western Australia where now there have been 15 fatalities since 2002”, says Cairns.

The San Jose Mercury News, Orange County Register are among other media outlets that have recently reported that shark attacks on the Pacific Coast have been on the rise with 2017 just short of twice as many as 2016. With shark populations increasing as well as additional swimmers, surfers, and kayakers in the water; these numbers aren’t only understandable but inevitable. However, finding a solution that doesn’t lead to environmental damage or ongoing pressure on threatened species has been an ongoing challenge for government agencies attempting to mitigate risks.

“Corona Del Mar is key because this is the site of the 2016 shark attack on Maria Korcsmaros, which she fortunately survived. Because of this attack and the fact that the beach is well defined, with rocks to the South and a Break-wall to the North, gives us an ideal location for a demonstration Clever Buoy installation” says Ian Cairns.”

Clever Buoy™ is unique in the market as a viable commercially-available shark mitigation method, using non-invasive technology solutions suitable to protect high intensity surf zones. The stability and robustness of the current Clever Buoy™ platform has been verified to sustainably operate in open ocean conditions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, autonomously monitoring marine life and alerting the presence of large animals which could be a threat to beach users.

“We are really excited about the opportunity here in the United States. Our non-invasive technology will allow beach goers to have real time knowledge of shark activity and permit lifeguards to operate a safer beach. A first-hand demonstration of the Clever Buoy will allow us to show case the capabilities of the technology” says founder Craig Anderson.

Ongoing projects with beaches on the United States Pacific Ocean coast are in discussion and with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher actively advocating the shark mitigation pilot project with Clever Buoy technology along the California Coast; the company is poised even at this early stage to become the go to beach safety and data company in the world.

Clever Buoy is aiming to raise $25,000.00 on the crowdfund site, Indiegogo. The funds will be used towards the necessary regulatory approvals and installation costs for a pilot deployment in California. You can learn more about available perks, costs to invest, and timelines at http://igg.me/at/cleverbuoy. For more information about Smart Marine Systems after the campaign, visit smartmarinesystems.com

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