35th North Settles With City Of Seattle

by The Editors on February 9, 2018

Seattle’s 35th North Skate Shop has reportedly settled with the City of Seattle after the city sued them for a DIY bowl that was built on an island in Green Lake as part of a Nike SB promotion, according to a story in the Seattle Times.

No criminal charges were filed; however, the city filed a lawsuit against 35th North and the unnamed creators of the bowl, seeking to recoup the amount of money spent removing the bowl and restoring what the city called an “environmentally critical area.”. . Tony Croghan, the owner of 35th North, said that while his shop had not had any role in the construction of the bowl, he felt that settling with the city was the “right thing to do for the city and the skating community.”

It’s an outrageous amount to pay, but seems to be a relatively inexpensive compared to a long legal battle. Maybe Nike SB will help them out a little. That would seem like the right thing to do, too.

[Link: Seattle Times]

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