Bob McKnight Buys A Camera

by The Editors on October 2, 2017

Okay, former Quiksilver CEO Bob McKnight didn’t exactly buy one camera, but he is one of an impressive list of investors helping to fund a new tiny POV camera from a Costa Mesa, California based company called Opkix, according to a story in the Orange County Business Journal.

“The Opkix team is on the cutting edge of new technology and they’ve created a revolutionary suite of products that hits squarely on the needs of millennials,” McKnight said in a statement. “I’m confident that Opkix will change the way we create visual stories for social sharing.”

Lingo bingo: “team,” check; “technology”, check; “millennials,” check; “stories,” check; “social,” check. Sounds like this will be a winner on all fronts. 

[Link: OCBJ]

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