Juice Magazine #75 Out Now

by The Editors on September 28, 2017

Lately, we’ve been right on the verge of loving print again. It’s been a while. We’re waiting for the last two three corporate action sports magazines to either shut down or get sold off and then it will be time to fire up the newsprint romance once again. Until then, check out the latest issue of Juice.

Juice Magazine’s Surf Skate Style 75th Edition is rolling out worldwide at 148 pages deep with 100+ interviews, and features Dogtown skate legend and style master, Scott Oster, on the cover, captured by internationally celebrated photographer, Arto Saari, in tribute to the timeless tradition of Surf Skate Style.

These pages might even get your fingers dirty. Remember that? For the official word from Juice, please follow the jump. And if you’d like to subscribe, click here.

Here are a few excerpts from the new mag as well as photos from the Juice Magazine Surf Skate Style Launch Party in Venice Beach, California at Juice HQ. Please feel free to share the news and enjoy the read!

This issue is dedicated to Shogo Kubo, who once said, “To me, style is everything.”

Juice Magazine 75 features: Aaron Murray, Aaron Astorga, Abraham Paskowitz, Animal Chin 30 Year Reunion, Art Brewer, Ben Harper, Bennett Harada, Bones Brigade Chronicles, Brad Bowman, Brandon Cruz, Brian Brannon, Bro Gumpright, Carter Slade, Cattleboro, Chet Childress, Chris Miller, Chris Russell, Chris Strople, Christian Fletcher, Christian Hosoi, Craig Stecyk III, Darren Ho, Dave Tourje, David Hackett, Dedicated To The Core, Dennis Martinez, Dibi Fletcher, Don Redondo, Eric Britton, Garrett McNamara, Gerry Lopez, Glen E. Friedman, Greg Falk, Greg Galbraith, Greyson Fletcher, Herbie Fletcher, James O’Mahoney, Jef Hartsel, Jeff Ament, Jeff Divine, Jeff Ho, Jim Fitzpatrick, Jim Gray, John Van Hamersveld, Jonathan Paskowitz, Josh “Bagel” Klassman, Kalani David, Keith Morris, Kirra Kehoe, Kona Skatepark: 40 Years of Gnar, Larry Bertlemann, Laura Thornhill, Lizzie Armanto, Marc Emond, Michael Denicola, Michael Early, Nano Nobrega, Nathan Fletcher, Nathan Florence, Neil Stratton, Norton Wisdom, Oliver Percovich, Pala Graverobbers, Pat Bareis, Patti Mcgee, Randy Katen, Ray Flores, Rob Nelson, Robert Trujillo, Sam Ogden, Scott Oster, Shane Allen, Shannon Smith, Shaun Tomson, Shota Kubo, Skateistan, Solo Scott, Stacy Peralta, Steve Alba, Steve Olson, Steve Van Doren, Surf Skate Style, Takuji Masuda, Terry Nails, Tim Curran, Tim Hendricks, Tim Kerr, Tom Groholski, Tony Alva, Wes Humpston and Zach Miller.

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