Vans Landline Takes It Back To Film

by The Editors on September 19, 2017

Vans first ever team snowboard film Landline is just that — a snowboard movie shot “primarily”on Kodak 16mm film. Everything old is new again enjoy. 

LANDLINE. director Tanner Pendleton unravels more than two years of filming with the Vans Snow team in iconic snow locations such as Bulgaria, Russia and Canada. Attributing his success to the greats that inspired him, Pendleton remarks: “Snowboarding films have always provided me with endless amounts of inspiration. I want this film to reach out to kids out there the same way these films reached me when I was young. This collaborative vision is a true expression of some of the most real and dedicated people in snowboarding.”

Don’t expect to see any action in this clip, because, after all it is one big tease, and the film doesn’t arrive until January 2018. For more info click the link.

[Link: Vans Landline]

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