Rareform Bags The Billboards

by The Editors on May 2, 2014

Rareform takes old advertising and makes surf and travel bags out it. Nice to see that sometimes old messages can survive the transitory nature of outdoor ads.

Founder and outdoor enthusiast, Alec Avedissian’s brilliant idea of billboards to bags came to mind during a surf trip to El Salvador where he noticed locals using old billboards to protect their homes from wet weather and the effect of mildew. Launched in September 2012, the former investment banker transitioned his life to reflect his passion for the environment and the outdoors; his now Rareform vinyl products are padded, waterproof, mildew-proof, and as tough as the products they protect due to the sturdy material each Rareform piece is created with. The one of a kind brand offers eco-friendly products ranging from surf bags, paddle bags, totes and backpacks to laptop and cell phone cases available in warm, cool, dark, light and mixed colors to ensure the best protection for outdoor gear.

Rareform bags are available at Patagonia, REI, and other retailers who sell high-priced outdoor gear to people who rarely go outdoors.

[Link: Rareform]

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