Electric Purges Bolt Logo From Website

by The Editors on April 30, 2014

Electric Ba

Remember that Electric “lightning-bolt-in-a-circle” logo that was causing so much grief like yesterday? The one that looked surprisingly similar to a logo found in secret Ku Kluz Klan documents? Well, it’s been purged from the Electric website entirely (see the before and after above). Gone. Now the site’s header simply says Electric California, just like their URL. Fast work on the part of Kering’s action sports accessory brand. And likely the right thing to do considering the backlash.

Meanwhile, check out hese fabulous new watches? The Electric Dive 02 is a dressy, sporty, fashionable watch that still has the lightning bolt logo on it’s face. Can’t change everything overnight right? Click the link for more on the watches.

Dive 02

[Link: Electric California]

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