Snowboard Company Opens New Stores

by The Editors on December 19, 2013

Today, a major snowboard company is excited to announce that both of its new flagship stores in a big city are now officially open and ready for the holidays and the riding season. Their new store on that one street opened its doors to customers for the first time today, and last month they opened another one in that other part of the city, just a quick stop off the highway on the way to the local resorts.

The newest store is located in the city’s historic neighborhood. The flagship store offers local snowboarders a curated selection of products, including boards, boots, bindings, outerwear, apparel, accessories and bags, in addition to limited edition items, collaborations, and one-of-a-kind collectibles.

All of the product comes together in a space designed to pay tribute to the history of snowboarding and the company’s roots, while also drawing inspiration from the neighborhood’s colorful heritage. The store’s overall look brings together things that are commonplace, with the rich heritage of the company itself, and its long history. Every design detail has a story, right down to the customized model train that chugs around the store, making a journey from one place to another and stopping at favorite snowboarding resorts and tourist landmarks along the way.

Fully stocked with gear for men, women and kids, the newly opened store is definitely an experience and destination not to be missed. And to celebrate its launch, all are welcome at the store’s opening reception taking place this Saturday, December 21, with free food, drinks and good times all around.

In addition to the new store, the company also just opened a flagship store in another shopping area in the city. Located on Fourth Street this store has a larger footprint and compliments the other store with a wider selection of snowboarding, apparel and bag collections.

With the two new locations, the company will have a total of two more stores worldwide, including a store at the company’s headquarters; a store at the company’s European Headquarters; a location in another district; an one more somewhere else; another in that other place and one location in Japan.

Be sure to drop by the new flagship stores when you’re in the area. To contact the stores check out their website, or call their phone number for more information.

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