Burton’s Asia Made US Olympic Uniforms

by The Editors on December 9, 2013


It didn’t take long after Burton Snowboards announced their designs for the 2014 Olympic snowboard uniforms for the company to be forced into responding to stories about how the uniforms were “not made in the United States of America,” according to a story on Fox News. The jackets are apparently made in Japan and here’s the rest:

“The fabric of the competition fleece was woven in Italy, and the technical and waterproof corduroy pant fabric was developed in Taiwan and sewn in Vietnam,” the [Burton] statement continued. “Next, we turned to our longstanding, trusted vendors in China to produce several of the accessories.”

Burton was quick to point out that most of the snowboards ridden by the Burton athletes in the 2013 Sochi Olympics will be handmade in Burlington, Vermont. So if you think you’re going to be riding the same board Shaun White rides in the Olympics, think again. The one you ride will likely be made by one of Burton’s “longstanding, trusted vendors” offshore. Not that this should surprise anyone. . . at all.

[Link: Fox News]

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