Seth Wescott Denounces Russia’s Gay Laws

by The Editors on September 12, 2013

Wescott_llbean_2011.jpgSeth Wescott, the two-time Olympic Boardercross Gold Medalist, has taken a stand against Russia’s “anti-gay propaganda” laws ahead of the Sochi Olympics, according to the Associated Press.

Wescott told The Associated Press on Wednesday that there’s potential for February’s games in Sochi (SOH’-chee) to be a “negatively-overshadowed Olympics” because of Russia’s law prohibiting promotion of “nontraditional” sexual relations. Activists have denounced the law and called for a boycott of the games.

Add this to the list of very good reasons that the Sochi Olympics should be boycotted, but it won’t be because there’s just too much damn money at stake for everyone.

[Link: Associated Press]

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