Skateboarder Magazine Gets Focused

by The Editors on August 19, 2013

Screenshot 2013-08-19 at 9.25.44 PMEver since the GrindMedia consolidation of the action sports media business on May 20, 2013, there seems to have been nothing but changes for the employees of both companies (no duh!). The first casualty was Transworld Surf Magazine. Now, it’s GrindMedia’s turn to take a hit as the publisher has reportedly decided to stop what little print and digital operations Skateboarder Magazine had left and move forward with their leading skateboard media property TransWorld Skateboarding, according to a post on

“Unfortunately market conditions have forced us to have to make the difficult decision to cease publication of Skateboarder,” said Norb Garrett, SVP Group Publisher of GrindMedia. “It’s especially disappointing given the strong interest and initial success we’ve had with the new digitally focused editions; our Skateboarder team has worked incredibly hard producing a cutting-edge product that has been successful at reaching a larger audience online. We will take all of the learnings from Skateboarder’s efforts and apply them to TransWorld Skateboarding and our other brands as the digital model has demonstrated real promise.”

Yes, they say you learn more in failure than in success. If that is true, then things should be looking up nicely for the crew at Transworld Skateboarding, indeed. This also means that there’s one more face off yet to be played between Snowboarder Magazine and Transworld Snowboarding. Wonder which way that one will go? Maybe they’ll both stay.

[Link: Transworld Business and SkateDaily]

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