Hide From Sharks With An Invisibility Wetsuit

by The Editors on July 18, 2013

Wetsuit developers SAMS (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems) have created some wetsuits that mess with sharks heads, but not in a bad way, according to a story in the Daily Mail. Apparently, sharks use their sense of smell to find prey, however, they use their eyes just before they chomp down.

The Diverter wetsuit has navy and white stripes that are seen on some poisonous animals and fish to make the shark think they diver is dangerous. . . The designers have also created matching surfboard stickers. . . According to SAMS, years of anecdotal evidence suggests that a stripe pattern acts as a deterrent or repellent to sharks.

Not looking like something that sharks want to eat is always a good thing.

[Link: Daily Mail]

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