Chip Wilson’s War On Technological Burnout

by The Editors on June 4, 2013


Westbeach (and more famously Lululemon) founder Chip Wilson has posted his latest creative endeavor online at his new site The site is Chip and his wife Shannon’s “global conversation about the power of accessible and everyday meditation.” Or as Chip explains it: “Meditation – specifically the 60-second meditation we prescribe with Whil – is about avoiding technological burnout by “getting present,” being mindful and living in the moment.”

Apparently, being worth $2.9 billion gives one the time (and reason) to reflect a little and, you know, get centered. It also likely gives one the narcissistic impetus to write an autobiography. And that is exactly what Chip has posted. It’s the story of Lululemon as told by Chip and it’s titled 40,000 Days And Then You’re Dead.

40,000 Days (or however many days you have left after signing in) is an intimate, personal look into the life and business of a passionate entrepreneur. It is well worth reading for anyone who has ever worn a Westbeach snow kit, or gazed spellbound at a tight, suburban, mom ass lightly poured into a pair of yoga pants. It’s also not a bad read for anyone whose ever wondered what it must be like to carry around a wallet the size of the Northwest Territories.

And remember, Chip Wilson is not only one bad-ass swing dancer, he is also action sport’s single biggest success story EVER. Now click the link, read the book, and get started on your first billion.

[Link: 40,000 Days]

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