Boardinghouse Redux: Surf House North Shore

by The Editors on May 21, 2013

Reality webisodes returns to the Northshore of Oahu with Network A’s new series Surf House. The 8-episode video series features “marketable” surfers on the up Mitch Crews, Alisha Gonsalves, Michael Dunphy, and Bree Kleintop doing their best to survive and flourish on the North Shore while not wearing a whole lot. Sounds like another recipe for success.

Starting Monday, May 20, Surf House will air exclusively on Network A and stars four upcoming professional surfers as they navigate their way through the trials of competitive surfing, the chaos of shared living, and other real world drama. . . Surf House was shot and directed by Jamie Tierney, Quiksilver’s main videographer from 2005-2011. During his time at Quiksilver, Jamie produced countless hours of surf footage and worked with the hottest names in professional surfing including Kelly Slater and Dane Reynolds.

If we’re going to watch reality surf edits they might as well be from Hawaii. Check it.


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