Hitchhiker Kai: Out of Dogtown Into Jail

by The Editors on May 16, 2013

hitchhiker1Hitchhiker Kai a.k.a. Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, the “home free” surfer who described himself as “straight out of Dogtown” after saving a woman’s life when the man whose car he was riding in purposely began ramming people with his car, has reportedly been arrested for murder of a New Jersey lawyer, according to a story on NBC News.

Officials believe McGillvary, 24, killed Joseph Galfy, who was found in his Clark, N.J. home on Monday, dead of blunt force trauma. Prosecutors say Galfy met McGillvary in Times Square Saturday night, and brought him back to his house to spend the night. . . They say they believe the two men had a sexual encounter.

McGillvary posted on his facebook page that he woke up in a stranger’s house “realizing that someone had drugged, raped” him. And then asked, “What would you do?” Well, not going home with a New Jersey lawyer would be a good start. But we don’t know the life Kai lives. Either way, it would seem he’s up for the celebrity trial of the summer.
[Link: NBC News]

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