Lost Goes Banzai With Aluminum Cruisers

by The Editors on March 13, 2013

Lost Banzai

Confession: our first “real” skateboard was a purple, anodized aluminum Banzai Skateboard. Got it for Christmas after dreaming about it for months. It had both nose and tail kick long before it was cool. It rolled smoothly and quietly and it hooked us for life. Every feeling of stoke we had for that board, came flooding back when we saw Lost’s new Hesher Metal Cruisers. It appears we’re not the only one’s with anodized aluminum fantasies.

“The earliest memories from my skateboarding days in the 70’s are of riding my Banzai aluminum double kick skateboard,” said Matt “Mayhem” Biolos. “Flashy fun from the past is the polar opposite of all the plastic stuff so many brands are putting out. We wanted to do something special and exquisite.”

And it seems they have. The boards come in four anodized colors with laser cut logos, translucent, color-matched wheels, and die cut grip. The Hesher Metal Cruisers are sold only as completes for $149 a pop. Banzai, indeed.

[Link: Lost Enterprises]

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