Only In A Spokane: Skate Shop Standoff

by The Editors on March 13, 2013

Srx Standoff T620

And unnamed Spokane, Washington man allegedly attacked his neighbor with a machete and then fled into Hillyard Skateboards tearly this morning (March 13, 2013) where he holed up for seven hours while police negotiators tried to talk him into coming out, according to the Spokesman Review.

Officers called in SWAT and hostage negotiation teams. . . “For a period of time we thought there was another person in there as the suspect was actually holding up a mannequin behind a window and talking back and forth as if there was two people,” Arleth said. . . Police shot gas canisters into the business and tried to contact the man via loudspeaker. . . Arleth said they could hear the man speaking but that he never directly responded to the negotiators.

When officers finally got inside the man attempted to stab the officers with a 3-foot-long wooden spear. Spokane locals will not be surprised by the notion that police believe a controlled substance and/or mental health issues may be to blame.

[Link: Spokesman Reivew]

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