The Skatepark Key Club Revolution

by The Editors on March 2, 2013

Wall Street Journal writer Conor Dougherty looks into the new realm of private skate parks in a story titled, I Say, That’s One Gnarly Grind You Just Executed, Aging Skateboarders Join Exclusive Venues to Avoid Those Darn Kids. In the story Dougherty covers the Dark Arts Blood Bowl in Minneapolis (with Jef VanSyoc), The DonutHill Project in Omaha (with Kevin Wilkins), and the DOS Bowl in Portland (with Ken Dahlgren).

The DonutHill Project, a key club in the Omaha area, has a general rule that only skaters can come as guests: Don’t bring lurkers who only want to hang out. . . They also have a “kook list” of skaters who aren’t welcome. . . “It’s kind of for the people who made it happen,” says Kevin Wilkins, a DonutHill key holder and editor of The Skateboard Mag. “If you run it any other way, you jeopardize what you built.”

Backyard ramps and parks have always been pretty hidden and exclusive, it’s nice that everyone is beginning to share the expenses in a more much official way.

[Link: The Wall Street Journal]

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