Miller’s Backfilp Is Internet Gold For Hawk

by The Editors on February 22, 2013

We’ve ignored Adam Miller’s skateboard to skateboard circus trick backflip for a while now, but when Ad Age decides to call this 15 second edit out as the “lift” Tony Hawk’s Ride Channel needed we just couldn’t pass it up any longer. Turns out this board-to-board stunt is the Ride channel’s “most view video with 2.5 million views.”

A second Miller video, one that shows the skater practicing for the trick and falling repeatedly (a.k.a. a “slam video”), is the channel’s trending video this week with more than 300,000 views. Those videos helped Ride, which is backed by Tony Hawk, capture the No. 7 spot on our YouTube Tracker as well as the designation Biggest Mover of the Week. The channel views grew by 399% over last week.

You see where this leads, right? More whack edits of amazing circus stunts. Yay!

[Link: Ad Age]

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