Designer Jeremy Scott’s Phillips Art Theft

by The Editors on February 21, 2013


Fashion designer Jeremy Scott appears to have drawn “inspiration” for his new A/W 2013 collection from Santa Cruz Skateboards father and son graphic artists Jim and Jimbo Phillips, according to a story on

Jeremy Scott is well known for his lust for youth culture and nostalgia, and these graphics are right in line with his sensibilities: last season he threw Bart Simpson all over a $500 sweater and no one batted an eye. But “repurposing” in the Internet era becomes something slightly more sinister when your source material is not already a household name. Matt Groening can take a hit, but we’re betting that Jimbo’s not sitting on a multimillion-dollar industry based on some trippy faces he came up with in the ’80s.

According to Jimbo Phillips Facebook page he’s not stoked.
[Link: Spin]

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