Burton Performer Sells For $11,732

by The Editors on January 16, 2013

Novac PerformerA vintage 1983 Burton Performer Team Issue sold on ebay on January 13, 2013 for an incredible $11,730.32, according to a story on Whatsellsbest.com.

The Snowboard, was described by the seller as an original Burton 140 Performer “Black Widow” Experimental Series. Made in 1983 and ridden by Burton Team rider, Bob Novak. . . This is the second-time in the past year that we’ve tracked a Burton exceeding five-figures.

There were 44 bids on the board and it was purchased by an active ebayer. Damn, that’s a lot of money for a snowboard. Makes us wonder if someone is trying to jack up the collectable snowboards market. A couple friends working together could make old board skyrocket in price. But no one would do that. That wouldn’t be right.

[Link: Whatsellsbest via Reddit]

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