Gay Snowboarder Nudes Ups For Nike

by The Editors on January 9, 2013

German Saus

Daniel Rajcsanyi is a snowboarder from Munich, Germany. He is also reportedly “openly gay,” according to a story on Dani wanted to enter a video for Nike’s Chosen competition so he filmed himself hitting a rail to stairs naked. The video (which is NSFW) is aptly titled German Sausage.

“I wanted to make a funny thing out of snowboarding. It was a provocation for the ‘freestyle’ scene. I wanted to change the bourgeois thinking and show the total freedom and fun of snowboarding, which should be the main thing.” He said he does not know of any other openly gay snowboarders and hopes that with the video he “made a little step forward.”

We never saw this edit featured in any Nike Chosen marketing, so we’re guessing it didn’t win (his other videos however did quite well and actually won in Austria, according to Nike). If you’d like to see Dani’s German Sausage edit, follow the jump.

german sausage from RockOn Snowboarding on Vimeo.

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