Teaching Snowboarding With Vibrators

by The Editors on December 20, 2012

SnowproblemDaniel Spelmezan, a post-doctorate candidate at the University of Paris-Sud, has written a paper titled “An Investigation into the Use of Tactile Instructions in Snowboarding.”

Ten amateurs learned a riding technique with a wearable system that automatically provided tactile instructions during descents. These instructions were in sync with the movements of the snowboard and signaled how to move the body.

What are “tactile instructions” exactly? Spelzmezan equipped the snowboarders with cellphone controlled vibrating devices that would buzz them on different parts of their bodies to encourage them to make the right movements. Spelmezan said in his paper, “Overall, our findings indicate that tactile instructions could support snowboarders in improving their performance.”

Wonder what kind of results Spelmezan would have gotten by replacing the vibrators with electro shock systems?

[Link via MIT Technology Review]

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