Heine Snow Tools’ New Tow-In Winch

by The Editors on January 7, 2009

3178388982 64A25655C6 O-1Urban snowboarding progression means getting into more and more strange-ass places at speed. And sometime, getting pushed just doesn’t cut it. That’s why “legendary park tool builder and Forum Staff Filmer” Kurt Heine developed “an urban tow-in winch capable of speeds up to 40mph,” according to a post on Forum Snowboards.

Eddie Wall dropped in on the bad boy pictured below, and will be using this piece of artillery with the rest of the Forum team on urban street assaults all season long.

Winch way did he go? Winch way did he go?

[Link: Forum Or Against ‘Em]

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YoBeat January 8, 2009 at 12:20 pm

Oh neat, snowboarders are finally catching up to wakeskating!

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