British Snowboarder Suffocates At Chamonix

by The Editors on December 11, 2012

Article-2246314-1676033F000005Dc-724 634X513Emily “Mimi” Watts, a 26-year-old British snowboarder (pictured right), is fighting for her life in an Annecy, France hospital after falling headfirst into a snowdrift and being stuck for 45 minutes at Chamonix on Saturday afternoon, December 8, 2012. She had suffered cardiac arrest by the time rescuers arrived, according to a story in the Daily Mail.

Describing Mimi as ‘heavenly’ and with a ‘passion for life’, her aunt Shona Pollock said her parents and brothers had rushed to be at her bedside. . . The design student was evacuated to hospital in nearby Annecy, before being transferred to a specialist unit. . . Miss Pollock said: ‘She is not very well I am afraid, she is still alive, but she is not very well, the family are at her bedside, they are all there. . . ‘We don’t know exactly what happened at the moment, but we believe she was snowboarding on piste and they tend to do little jumps. . . and went into a snow fall and suffocated. . . ‘That is what they think, but nobody quite knows for sure.

Our thoughts are with Watts and her family and friends. We hope she can pull through this.

[Editors’ Note: As of December 12, 2012 it appears that Mimi Watts is and has been “brain dead” since she suffocated on the hill and that her family says “it is only a matter of time before her life support is switched off.” Sad news for everyone. Mail Online.

[Update December 13, 2012: Mimi Watts has died according to a story on Sky News. She was 26.]

[Link: Daily Mail]

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