Pat Bridges Speaks To Colin Whyte

by The Editors on November 29, 2012

As Snb Bridges2 400It’s a conversation that Snowboarder Magazine Editor Pat Bridges and journalist Colin Whyte have probably had hundreds of times over beer in some freezing ass mountain town dive, but now it’s for and Whyte is getting paid. Don’t let that stop you from reading Bridges Tastemaker interview which includes nuggets like this:

As cliché as it is to say, I think we as snowboarders need to have more influence — and by “snowboarders” I don’t mean people who ride less than 10 days a year. Rather than calling out any specific groups, I will generalize by saying anyone who rides less than 10 days a year should have less say. . . This includes any agents who are out of touch, skiers, shop buyers, team managers, park managers, etc. … I could keep going for a while with that list.

It’s nice to see the business realities of corporate snowboard media haven’t clouded Bridges’ opinions all that much. Bottom line: the man is a snowboarding treasure.


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