The Corporatization Of Skateboarding

by The Editors on November 26, 2012

Effect-Of-Corporations-JenkemJenkem Mag has a great essay from Lurper on how corporations are taking over skateboarding and what that means to skateboarders and skateboarding. And it includes nuggets like this:

As George Ritzer points out in The McDonaldization of Society, businesses attempt to operate in an extremely efficient fashion. They focus on making everything quantifiable (skatemetrics) rather than focusing on creating subjective quality (“best” video part), they want everything to be predictable (i.e. standardized, the same experience every time), and they want all aspects of a business or activity to be easily controlled, basically the antithesis of what skateboarding is today. As the corporation’s values become more and more apart of skateboarding and influence the ideologies of individual skaters, the greater the potential that our activity will fundamentally change.

Kind of puts skateboarding business in perspective doesn’t it? If you have time, read the rest.

[Link: Jenkem Mag]

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