Whale Fossil At Jack O’Neill’s House

by The Editors on November 16, 2012


O’Neill founder Jack O’Neill had a herd of media people rolling through his front yard yesterday after someone noticed what looks like a whale fossil in his front yard at Pleasure Point, according to a story on KSBW.

On Thursday, O’Neill’s house became even gnarlier when a lower-than-usual low tide revealed a gigantic skeleton just outside his back door and seawall. . . The bones were vertebrae that had been fossilized. . . As word of the skeleton spread on social media websites, several hypotheses and theories arose. . . Many hoped it was a dinosaur. . . Gary Griggs, director of University of California Santa Cruz’s Institute of Marine Sciences, said the skeleton was most likely an extinct Pliocene-era whale.

It would appear that wise water creatures have loved Pleasure Point for eons.

[Link: KSBW]

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