Michael Sieben Interviews Todd Falcon

by The Editors on November 6, 2012

7C9Bb96Fca34318Da0466055577D2212We’ve all seen his odd videos filled with strangely impossible often ugly yet occasionally amazing skateboarding tricks, but who has really stopped taken the time to let Todd Falcon tell his own story? Well, this week Michael Sieben interviews Falcon for Vice.com. And what he finds out is equally Falonesque.

Because I have been inventing since 1985 and kept a typed list of the tricks, I know it ends at 2,155, which is a zombie 360 varial to truck driver to Jokerflip 1/4 to primo to double flip to primo, 50-50. That was a ramp combo. (A zombie is a fakie tail stall to Falconplant.) . . . Not only do I have a typed list, but I have each and every trick on video and each session was dated starting from 1988 to present—the library of tapes is massive. I wanted to document each trick and the day it was landed.

And yes, there’s much more where this came from. Click the link and check it.

[Link: Vice]

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