Venice Skater Roughed Up By LAPD

by The Editors on August 20, 2012

Ronald Weekley Jr., a skateboarder from Venice, California is claiming that police beat him after he was already pinned to the ground, according to a story on He was stopped by police for reportedly “riding his skateboard against traffic.”

Weekley said he was skateboarding in front of his home Saturday afternoon when Los Angeles police officers detained him and threw him to the ground. . . “I turned around to two cops running directly at me and throwing me on the ground, putting my arms behind my back and tying my legs to my arms and telling me I was resisting arrest,” Weekly recalled.

As is the case with most everyone who is beaten by police, Weekley was charged and jailed for “resisting arrest.” Luckily, it was all caught on video. Follow the jump to see the entire cellphone video and see first hand how hard police officer work to keep the public from recording their actions.


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