Beastie Boys File Monster Lawsuit

by The Editors on August 17, 2012

Reg 300.Beastie.Ls.8912According to a story on, the Beastie Boys have filed a lawsuit against Monster Energy Drink “claiming the [company] tried to create “an association” with the Beastie Boys by using several of their hit tunes in a promotional campaign without properly licensing them.”

First up, the plaintiffs don’t want to see Monster Energy’s promotional video for its 2012 Ruckus in the Rockies event, which the suit claims was posted to the drink’s website in May, in its current incarnation ever again. . . According to the complaint, the video is “comprised substantially of excerpts from the Beastie Boys Sound Recordings and the Beastie Boys Musical Compositions totaling more than three minutes in duration.”

Looks like the group is sticking to the letter of Adam Yauch’s will in which he stated that “in no event may my image or name or any music or any artistic property created by me be used for advertising purposes.”

All this and being investigated by one state’s attorney general? It would appear that Monster is beginning to reap what it has sown.

[Link: EOnline, and Forbes]

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