Jenkem Gets Brian Wenning On Lockdown

by The Editors on July 30, 2012

Brian-Wenning-4-SmallerWe mentioned this several times, but the great thing about starting a business in 2012 America is that there will never be a worse time to kick one off. Brian Wenning announced over the weekend that he is launching a new skateboard brand called Lockdown. Jenkem Magazine has an interview with Wenning that includes all the details.

Why did Wenning start it?

Because when is this bullshit recession gonna end? And in a recession if you put in 14 hours of work or whatever I don’t think you are gonna waste your money buying a fucking Element board. There’s also good things about a recession, like there are so many good skaters right now that aren’t hooked up.

Click the link for the rest of the interview.

[Link: Jenkem Mag]

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