Smokin’ Snowboards Hits The Road

by The Editors on July 24, 2012

Smokin StreetReno, Nevada based snowboard company Smokin’ has launched a small selection of longboard skateboards, according to a post on their website. Called, Street Slayers, the boards are simply: snowboarding pavement emulation divides.

We consciously approached longboarding with a fresh perspective, giving little regard to traditional design and heritage. We aren’t interested in trying to fit the mold of what other companies offer, we just want to make shapes we love to ride. You won’t see any toes on the nose pintails from us anytime soon; we make snowboarding pavement emulation devices. Our street slayers are tools for making the concrete jungle feel like your home mountain. We wiped the slate clean and implemented radical new design and construction techniques to shake up the way people perceive what is capable standing on 4 wheels.

The boards come in three shapes and sizes: The Sledge hammer, the Black Wood, and the Coughin. If you’re into longboards, click the link for all the details.

[Link: Smokin’ Snowboards]

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