British Snowboard Coach Commits Suicide

by The Editors on July 2, 2012

NelsonprattBritish snowboarder Nelson Pratt, 33, has reportedly hanged himself in the garage of his parents house, according to a story in The Sun.

In a story on Whitelines editor Ed Blomfield says Pratt was “one of the most talented and popular snowboarders in the UK.” Blomfield continues:

Nelson’s grounded perspective perhaps came from his upbringing on an arable farm in Hampshire. He hated technology (famously rocking a trusty brick of a mobile phone) and seemed profoundly connected to nature. Indeed he was only truly at home outdoors, where he could spend his immense physical energy digging jumps or helping his family with the harvest. Nelson was a man with giant strength, a giant appetite and a giant heart. A true gentleman.

According to the story Pratt was found by his father. Our thoughts are with his family and the entire UK snowboarding community.

[Link: Whitelines and The Sun]

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