Dyrdek & Drama: The Flying Burrito Cousins

by The Editors on June 19, 2012

0615-Loud-Mouth-Burrito-Rob-Dyrdek-1Along with his cousin Chris “Drama” Pfaff, Rob Dyrdek has reportedly launch a frozen burrito company called Loud Mouth Burritos, according to a story on TMZ.

The “Fantasy Factory” duo is hawking two options for now: Cheeseburger — stuffed with hamburger meat, cheese, ketchup and mustard … and Pepperoni Pizza — with mozzarella, pepperoni and tomato sauce. . . The frozen goods are currently being sold at several 24-hour Kum and Go and Maverik convenience stores — perfect for those late night munchies — and they’re hoping to expand to 10,000 locals by the end of summer.

The burritos, which pack 420 calories, sound like a perfect pairing with some Monster Energy Drink.

[Link: TMZ]

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