Jack Martinez: Back in Black Flys

by The Editors on June 15, 2012

Ocweek JmThe OC Weeky’s Andrew Asch profiles Black Flys co-founder Jack Martinez and the company that he is hoping to conjure up from the ashes. Here’s a little piece:

If anything can put Black Flys back on top in OC, it’s Martinez, with his talent for provocation. Under his direction, the brand was about forcing extremes and having a laugh at convention. In a recent interview at his office, located in one of Irvine’s countless, anonymous office parks, Martinez says he believes the eyewear market is stale and that the industry—dominated by retailers such as Hot Topic and Tilly’s—is ready for a more colorful, wild offering from the likes of Black Flys. But, he concedes, a comeback is far from guaranteed. . . “Every day, we ask that question,” says Martinez, who now sports a shaved head and gold tooth. “Has the world changed? Can we come back?”

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